This album brings together 12 artists that all made a song using the Dato DUO.

The DUO is a little synthesizer-for-two. These songs celebrate play and collaboration while letting you hear the many ways in which the DUO can be used. Enjoy!

Celebrate the release with us on the 23rd of September in Kapitaal, Utrecht NL

We'll release new tracks here every few days until the 21st of September. Be sure to check back!

Killing Skills — Picture Puzzle Pattern Door

BIG HARE — Faking Tunes Forever

Zarkoff — Pagan Sungazer

Former Descent — A Please Would Be Nice

Sjamsoedin — Searching

Black Helikopters — Duo and the Harmonium

Sololust — Funny How Things Turn Out

Panenkov — Flute March

Staatseinde — Zusammen

Gezz — It Is Happiness I Seek Today

Neugeborene Nachtmusik — Capsule

Solvent — Duo Demo

DATO DUO Equals Dance! Playful and easy for all ages and aliens
Neugeborene Nachtmusik

About the Dato DUO

The Dato DUO is a little synthesizer that can be played by two people. It was designed by David Menting and Toon Welling, who are both parents, designers and synth enthousiasts.

Find out more about the DUO here.